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Welcome to Tekkitcraft 

We are a Tekkit sever. You need Tekkit 2.1.0|1.1 to play.


This was tricky but after we got it up and running I have been trying to learn lua. If any of you know it I will make sure you are taken care of.

    -World Guard/Edit

This was a BIG problem if your a tekkit/faction server people could use all the different tekkit items to greif your faction, but now that that's fixed their is hardly ever any greifing.

- You can use Core protect

I find it annoying as a play when you get greifed but i can find out who did it. So I made it so everyone in the server can use /co inspect. This allows you to check for yourself just type once to turn it on type it again to turn it off.

- We sadly had to ban Red Matter tools for a basic member because of the greifing but because thats not fair we mad a group called Trusted. If you can get us to trust you we will add you to this group and let you use banned items!!!

When you join you need to go to your website and read the rules to find a secret to become a member. We do this so people will read the rules and not bring Quantum to a fight!

Our IP:

We thought it would be better if you guys had something to use better to use then skype. So we rent a TeamSpeak server :D

 Teamspeak IP:

Vote for us everyday At

Get rewarded too, with +1000 Iconomy CA$H each time

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